The moment we’ve all been waiting for [insert awkward laughter], the top dawgs in my countdown of the Top 10 Artists I’m Most Excited To Be Seeing At Osheaga 2010. The most popular men in Akron, Ohio (sorry LeBron, you did it to yourself)…


The Black Keys

The Black Keys make it in at numero uno, and with the notable distinction of being the only act in the Top 10 that I’ve already seen. These guys are that good. Now, I’ll admit something off the bat; I came a little late to the Black Keys party. It wasn’t until Attack and Release, their 2008 breakthrough album got so much attention that I found out about them. But I can tell you something, I am certainly all the better for jumping on with everything since (and I’ve worked my way back through their discography).

In the past two years, The Black Keys have been busy, like, really busy. As The Black Keys, they’ve put out two albums produced with Danger Mouse, Attack and Release and Brothers, that I will boldly say are their two best (and two of the best albums of the past decade to get bolder). They’ve also collaborated with a bunch of hip-hop/rap artists (including Mos Def and unreleased recordings of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard) to produce the Blakroc album, which with a few wrinkles is still a very good album. As well, both Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney have had recent side projects. Auerbach’s solo album was easily one of 2009’s best, while Carney rounded up a bunch of local Ohio musicians and formed the band Drummer (with the distinction of each member having been a drummer).

So, with all the production, in such a short time, and all of it being above average, and some being outstanding, can I safely proclaim that this is the pinnacle? Where do they go from here?

I won’t worry about that for now, all I know is that what they are doing right now is the best damned thing I get to listen to.