Well, after working our way through a few artists on my Top 10 Artists I’m Excited To Be Seeing At Osheaga 2010 that I wouldn’t necessarily call required daily listening, it’s time to start working into my wheelhouse: indie.


The National

Last year, I barely got a chance to hear The National at Bluesfest. Due to continuous promotion on the part of one of my friends (you know who you are), I’ve taken my time and done some research on the group to conclude that they invariably kick some serious butt. They’ve also got a pretty cool sense of humour if all the lies YouTube tells me are to be believed (in Brooklyn, they dedicate a song [@1:32]; “This is for Brooklyn”; crowd cheers; “It’s called ‘England'”).

Man, Matt Berringer’s got a nice deep baritone voice, don’t he? Just don’t show him affection, kids.

To close it out, this has been a bit like a late night anthem for me these past few days, enjoy: