Much like yesterday’s pick, Snoop Dogg at #9, was about seeing a legend who remains popular, today’s isn’t far off. Number 8 on my Top 10 Artists I’m Excited To Be Seeing At Osheaga 2010 are no strangers to popularity and longevity.



This is entirely about seeing a band that I remember when they weren’t just popular, but when they were cool. They were hip, aloof, kinda geeky, but it worked for them. They were the original hipsters. Ask anybody in their mid-to-late-20s if they know the lyrics to “that sweater song” and they’ll tell you the chorus word-for-word, because they remember listening to it when it came out, and hearing it again by that cover band at the bar last night. It was big. It is big.

Oh, and who could forget that music video where they took clips from Happy Days and mixed it with them playing. I mean that was a fucking timewarp if I’ve ever heard of it. A 90s band, performing within a 70s show, set in the 50s. My head just exploded. Nevermind that you also get to see Mister Miyagi and the guy who directed The Da Vinci Code, or that the video was featured in the Windows 95 install disc…

But, I must admit, in the last decade they’ve maintained the popularity, but it’s been less clever and it’s hard to argue that they’ve progressed musically. I’ll still be there, they are the Sunday night headliner, the last band playing, and for that alone it’ll be enjoyable.