Yesterday, I dropped number 10 on my list of the Top 10 Artists I’m Excited To Be Seeing At Osheaga 2010, the guitar-strumming Seu Jorge. Today, let’s take it in a different direction.


Snoop Dogg

The man is a living rap legend. Can’t turn down an opportunity to see him throw down. Digging deep into his old stuff I came across the amazing video for “Gin and Juice”. So many funny things going on (how about that classic Penguins jersey with “Gin and Juice” on the back?). I especially like his music video father giving him this fine advice: “Snoop Doggy Dogg, ya need to be gettin’ a jobby job”.

Nearly twenty years later, Snoop is still getting “Gangsta Luv”. I guess his music video father should be pretty proud.

I won’t be entertaining any bets on whether or not Snoop indulges in the wacky tobaccey on stage at Osheaga. However, I am willing to take bets on whether the entire crowd gets second hand high…