Yesterday, I got my countdown off to a start with some of the Honourable Mentions of bands that I plan to see, but didn’t end up in my final Top 10. Today, it’s a few bands that I won’t be able to see due to scheduling conflicts. Because Osheaga has numerous stages, spread over two days, there will almost always be two groups playing at the same time. But where are the BIG misses? Well, here are my picks for the Best and Worst Bands I won’t be able to see at Osheaga 2010.

The Worst Band:


Almost entirely for camp value, seeing Devo would be worth it. I mean, come on, with those ridiculous outfits, the lyrics, the sadness that thirty years adds, yes, this would be a fun watch. Unfortunately, scheduling has them performing the same time as Weezer (I’ll explain my choice on that later). So, for now, I guess all I’m left with is music video-era Devo. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Then again…

The Best Band:

The Gaslight Anthem

These guys are good, real good. I just can’t pick them over Blitzen Trapper, and there you have my situation (When I reveal my Top 10, it’ll make damned good sense). I’m betting that I’ll get another opportunity to see them in the next year or so to make up for this. And why wouldn’t I want to? They rock a straight-forward retro guitar sound that references everyone on that side of the spectrum from Springsteen to Strummer.