As I blogged last, Summertime for hockey fans is a time for reflection. For music fans, however, it is Primetime. Summer music festivals abound, and I couldn’t be happier. Last Summer I blogged about Ottawa Bluesfest. This year I didn’t do the full festival pass, but still managed to take in a fantastic performance from The Flaming Lips last weekend.

But no worries, music fans, I haven’t abandoned the Summer sounds, but invested in a weekend in Montreal, coming in just less than two weeks. I speak, of course of Osheaga. Two full days, several stages and a few adult beverages enjoyed responsibly.

So, to get ramped up, I made a quick list of the Top 10 Artists I’m Excited To Be Seeing At Osheaga 2010. Unfortunately, because of the many artists performing that weekend I ended up with some acts that didn’t crack the Top 10, but deserve some mention, which I’ll do today, below. Also, I came across a couple acts that I won’t be able to see because of conflicting schedules that deserve mention as well (for better or worse). I’ll get to those tomorrow. Starting Tuesday, and the following nine days, one-by-one I’ll reveal my Top 10.

So, enough of the introductions, onto the Honourable Mentions:


It’s amazing what a year can do. Last year at Bluesfest I saw K’NAAN when KISS, and the large accompanying crowds, forced me to slink off to a side stage. K’NAAN played to the small crowds, and even got the kids to jump the stage, much to the chagrin of festival organizers. In the past year, a little song of his, called “Wavin’ Flag” ended up becoming a huge single, THREE freakin’ times. First off his album, then as a charity single for Haiti, and finally, as one of the official World Cup songs/anthems (don’t know the difference, can’t be bothered to look). Anyways, I’ll be checking him out again at Osheaga, though I’m certainly expecting a larger crowd than a year ago.

Ingrid Michaelson

One of those artists that I’d heard of, but embarrassingly, I couldn’t name a single song, I had to do a bit of research on Ingrid. Pleasant, quirky music. I’m going to check her out, and perhaps I’ll be drawn into finding out more.


This was the group that came closest to cracking my Top 10. Mostly based on intrigue, rather than musical ability (though they are talented in that vanilla ice cream kind of way). Intrigue, you say? Yep. Check this out, their latest album, the Night Train EP, features two tracks, “Stop For A Minute” and “Looking Back”, that include K’NAAN (remember him?). Yeah, that’s right, the very same K’NAAN performing on the very same day, on the very same stage, finishing less than an hour before Keane come on. Sounds like a situation ripe for a cameo. I’ll be there, for sure, even if “Stop For A Minute” is one of those songs I’m certain I’ll be sick of before I even get to Montreal in two weeks…

The Walkmen

A really cool, almost too cool indie rock/post-punk revival group. My Top 10 is already filled with that line of music, so the bigger names make it, but make no mistake, I’ll be enjoying these guys play, and watching the hipster girls sway in the crowd come Osheaga.


If I had never seen Metric perform before, they’d easily be in my Top 10. In fact, Emily Haines puts on such a crazy aerobic performance for an hour straight, Metric probably deserves to be in my 10. But, I wanted to mix it up a little. I saw Metric last year at Bluesfest, and again last week, so there likely won’t be many surprises. But, then again, anticipating Haines falling off the stage could make things a little more interesting…