It’s coming! My novel, Something Like Ideal, will be out in less than two weeks! I’ll provide the links to buy it below, however they won’t be active until December 25th.

Something Like Ideal is the patchwork philosophy of a traveling busker, the inebriated Teague Grady. Drawn from his own hardship and confirmed by a summer spent observing a small town in southern Ireland, Teague unravels his thoughts on life in one spirit-filled evening with a lost lover.

He introduces a motley ensemble of characters, including foul-mouthed rake Fin Larkin, insecure bartender Alan Brennan, the stunning world traveler Sara Doran, and dying pub patriarch Paddy Shannon, weaving fly-on-the-wall vignettes of their lives with his own lovelorn lyrical poetry to present a case for his worldview.

A caustic drama, filled with dark humour, Something Like Ideal leaves open the slim possibility for hope.


Something Like Ideal

$4.95 (digital download)

$14.95 (paperback)

Something Like Ideal: Limited Edition

$39.95 (hardcover)

Limited edition hardcover includes Hope Springs