in the salsify mains
of what was thoughtful and sad
all the calcified arhythmatists
were doing the math

and it would take a calculated
blow to the head to
blind the eyes of all the harmless
sociopaths; oh

arm in arm we are the harmless
sociopaths; oh
arm in arm with all the harmless

calcium mines you buried
deep in your chest; oh the
calcium mines you buried
deep in your chest

“Oh No”, Andrew Bird

I may be suffering from some minor bout of ADD. I can’t seem to focus on things for extended periods of time. It’s not terminal. As far as I know it is a case of the fidgets.

Some rumblings for all you recession babies:

Is it right for Robert Downey Jr. to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Tropic Thunder? I mean, if anything they should have nominated him for Iron Man. I totally believed that he was a billionaire android superhero.

Speaking of the Oscars, why are there only three nominations for best song? Last year, like the other categories, there were five. Are you telling me that you couldn’t find two more songs in the hundreds of movies that were produced last year? How about “The Wrestler” by Bruce Springsteen? No? Never heard of it? You suck. I even picked it to be there, and win. Two of your three songs are from the same movie. Yes, I’ll still be watching tomorrow – “Jai Ho” to win.

When the CBC sends its staff to the different locations during Hockey Day in Canada do they draw straws? I can’t seem to understand how hockey-muppet Elliotte Friedman is wearing a suit at the Air Canada Centre while P.J. Stock (the most excited man in broadcasting, who incidentally, according to Wikipedia, has a dog named “Pantie Hampster”) is in Plaster Rock and the venerable Ron MacLean has been forced to set up shop in Campbellton and wear a rotation of jerseys and silly hats.

Why are Matt Lauer and Brian Williams so into each other?

If Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine, were they being disingenuous when, after the failed “New Coke” saga, they brought back “Classic Coke”? To the best of my knowledge (and after much reading of fine print) I can’t seem to find it listed in the ingredients. Phosphoric Acid is the fourth thing listed. I may be more concerned about that now.


One thought on “Saturday evening rumblings

  1. The CBC must have some sort of process to decide. I’m kinda glad they just let P.J. out of the studio… I think he gets all excited because they lock him in there and just have him watch games on repeat. Poor guy haha. Well if Cherry is going to wear those suits Ron has to wear the hats and jerseys once in a while to make Don seem normal.

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